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Here is the Language Exchange community where you can learn about Japanese thing and make friends.  Please don't hesitate to visit us!

This is the place where you can do inputting and outputting.  Moreover, Participants can enjoy interacting with new people, business people, English speakers and so on.  Please make use of this community to connect with people internationally.

           EVENTS in OSAKA     

   (  Namba, Hommachi, Nagahoribashi )

*Please click the "INFORMATION BUTTON" to find details and places


「Zoom Cloud Meetings」というアプリを使用。




​3/29(日)10:00~10:25 https://us04web.zoom.us/j/138708832

3/29(日)10:30~10:55 https://us04web.zoom.us/j/409584078


Special Event in April coming soon

<Saturday><Sunday> 2:15pm~3:45pm

​※Namba  Most popular of the all!

Language Exchange enisia 英会話カフェ
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<Saturday><Sunday> 2:15pm~3:45pm

​※Namba  Most popular of the all!

話す!TOEIC英会話 「文法」と「ビジネス英会話」
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<Monday/2week>  6:30pm~8:00pm

​※Hommachi TOEIC Grammar & Speaking

<Saturday><Sunday> 2:15pm~3:45pm

​※Namba  Most popular of the all!

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​<Monday /2 week><Wednesday> 6:30pm~8:00pm

※Hommachi  After work English Cafe

限定10名 声から変わる発音セミナー
~”T” が持つ6つの真実~
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​最終章 <土曜日朝> 1月11日 11:00pm

​※長堀橋 Pronunciation Seminar  残席2


Are you going to Australia or Canada?

​Sister Event in Australia

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​ Sydney,which is regarded as the largest city in Australia , there is a meet-up event where many Japanese and Australians gather. You can share information about English learning, life, jobs with Australians interested in Japanese cultures.  If you are traveling to Sydney for the first time, working or studying abroad. You can make friends right away by visiting there.

​ Vancouver in Canada is one of the livable cities in the world.  There are some Japanese communities for Japanese who want to make international friends and study English.  If you are planning to visit there, please let me know I can support you by giving much information.




Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 080-9580-3622

EMAIL: shogotomita0325@yahoo.co.jp

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