(English details are below.)
皆様いかがお過ごしでしょうか?English Mateでは不定期で行われるスペシャルイベントを1月19日に開催いたします!!

※English Mateは毎週土日に英会話カフェイベントを開催しておりいつも多くの方に参加していただいております。スペシャルイベントではいつもそれ以上の多くの方に来ていただいていますので是非早めのご予約をお願いいたします。
※開催場所のHostel enisia Namabaでは海外からの宿泊者も多く、楽しめること間違いなしです!!





◎時間:1/19 (日) 6pm~8:30pm

◎場所HOSTEL enisia Namba

●Facebook Group:


Hi guys, how are you doing?? English Mate will be holding an irregular event on 1/19 Sun. at 6 pm. In the Event, you can eat sweet red bean soup, rice cakes and some snacks and sweets. This event has good opportunities to make international friends and enjoy speaking both English and Japanese. We are selling alcohol and doing English activities. Let's get some prizes by enjoying the activities.

※English Mate is an English community holding language exchange events every weekend at this venue. A lot of people have joined the language exchange events so far. We expect more people are coming to the event at the day.

※The hostel has lots of guests from other countries, so you can interact with new people here!!

◎Fee: 500 yen (include all-you-can eat )
※Please order at least one drink

◎All-you-can eat: sweet red bean soup, rice cakes, sweets, snacks and so on.

◎English activities (You might get some prizes!)

◎Time: 6 pm ~ 8:30 pm

◎Place: HOSTEL enisia Namba
*Go upstairs (2nd floor)

<Adress> 〒542-0074
1-shome-7-14 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
※5-minute walk from Metro Namba Station

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